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Self Edge

Custom Self Edge Laminate tops can feature unique designs; such as: splays, radii, arcs and non-standard angles with minimal deck seams.

We feature 4 major brands of Custom Laminate:

~ Wilsonart

~ Formica

~ Pionite

~ Nevamar

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In Stock Colors

The Following are STANARD Colors.

* All color selections should be based upon a physical sample


Please click on each for a closer look:

Basalt Slate-2.jpg

Basalt Slate

Brazilian Brown Granite-2.jpg

Brazilian Brown Granite

Deep Springs-2.jpg

Deep Springs


Belmonte Granite

Butterum Granite-2.jpg

Butterum Granite

Desert Springs-2.jpg

Desert Springs

Blackstar Granite-2.jpg

Blackstar Granite

Carrara Envision-2.jpg

Carrara Envision

Designer White.jpg

Designer White

Giallo Granite-2.jpg

Giallo Granite

Ginseng Tea-2.png

Ginseng Tea

Golden Juparana-2.jpg

Golden Juparana

granditie nebula.jpg

Graphite Nebula

Labrador Granite-2.jpg

Labrador Granite

nautral glace - 2.png

Neutral Glace

santa cecila - 2.jpg

Santa Cecilia Gold

Tuscan Marble-2.jpg

Tuscan Marble

Ivory Kashmire -3.jpg

Ivory Kashmire

Jamocha Granite-2.webp

Jamocha Granite

Madras Indian Slate-2.jpg

Madras Indian Slate

Perlato Granite-2.jpg

Perlato Granite

mineral jet - 2.jpg

Mineral Jet



Spicewood Springs-2.jpg

Spicewood Springs



Venetian Gold Granite-2.jpg

Venetian Gold Granite

Villa Roca-2.jpg

Villa Roca

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Upgrade Colors

Antique Mascarello-2.jpg

Antique Mascarello

Bella Capri-2.jpg

Bella Capri

Bella Noche-2.jpg

Bella Noche

Blue Storm-2.jpg

Blue Storm

Calacatta Marble-2.jpg

Calacatta Marble

Crema Mascarello.jpg

Crema Mascarello

Deepstar Agate-2.jpg

Deepstar Agate

River Gemstone-2.jpg

River Gemstone

Golden Mascarello-2.jpg

Golden Mascarello

Silver Travertine (1).jpg

Silver Travertine

Mystic Gemstone-2.jpg

Mystic Gemstone

Summer Carnival-2.jpg

Summer Carnival

Winter Carnival-2.jpg

Winter Carnival

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